Saturday, 24 September 2011


I have now officially moved into my house in Brighton - my first ever own (shared with 4 others) house! It's all very exciting here getting everything sorted and having time to relax before uni, and I am still in the process of unpacking and beautifying my room - pictures will be up soon. Yesterday I was in town with Faron and dragged him into Snooper's Paradise - one of my favourite shops in Brighton. It's antiques/second hand/vintage treasures/junk.. I could spend hours in there. I did nearly buy a lot of things - some old maps, a gorgeous vintage mirror, a whitewashed desk (bit pricey), but I did actually decide to part with my money on one thing - a typewriter. It has a lid (first pic) that doubles up as the other half of a carrying case!! Also at £18, I think a bargain. I researched online and could only find them for about £40.

As well as always thinking they were awesome, I thought it could be useful for some craft things like labels for things I make, and even cards. I am also a huge lover of snail-mail and still regularly write to a lot of friends overseas so I will be making use of it a lot for letter-writing. I am sure baileyb will be even more excited now to receive a letter from me.


  1. Wow! I haven't used a type-writer in years! I always loved the sound of the keys. But the words are so final! :)

  2. OH MY GOD YES SHE WILL!!!!!!! I am beyond jealous of you! I scarcely wanted to read this post out of fear I would be way too envious :) I'll just have to enjoy getting letters typed on it, I suppose! <3