Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stashbusting Sewalong 2013

I am joining the Stashbusting Sewalong 2013 organized by Cation Designs and EmSewCrazy. The idea is that instead of buying new fabric you use the fabric and scraps you already have. Because I have been so rubbish at sewing this past year this is a really great opporunity to be pushed into using my fabric and actually making things again. I have pledged to use at least 12 different pieces of my stash fabric to make 12 different creations by the end of the year. Mine will be a mixture of clothes and other things. If I can use more than 12 pieces of fabric that would be awesome! I will post everything I make here and also on the Flickr group dedicated to the Sewalong. There are themes for each month so I will be following these the best I can:

"January: Itty Bits! Sew up those remnants left over from another project, use up some of those tiny scraps that you've been long as it's less than a yard of fabric, it counts! February: THE LOVE CHALLENGE. March: Impending Seasonal Change. Regardless of your hemispherical location, the weather will be changing soon...what will you make? Something fun for the coming spring, or something cozy for fall? April: THE VIBRANT COLOR CHALLENGE. May: THE KNIT CHALLENGE. June: Containment! Get ready for those long car trips, summer outings or some good old fashioned cleaning and organizing! We're thinking bags, boxes, totes, purses, pouches, you name it; this month is all about making things to put other things in."

I need to decide what to do with my stash fabric so here are my potential ideas for the first six months! 
I would like to make one or all of these things but one a month will probably be the limit!

January: Itty Bits!
Heatpacks in any of these fabrics:

Pocket warmers in my Cath Kidston samples (ironed!), perfect size!:

Ruffle diaper covers (for a friend who is pregnant!) in one or both of these fabrics:

February: The Love Challenge
A bow tie for my little 5 year old Valentine who lives in New Zealand in some cool truck fabric as below. 

March: Impending Seasonal change
A skirt for myself ready for summer. I made this skirt for Bailey as you can see in this post and it worked out so well I was going to make one for myself. I haven't yet, clearly, so am planning on making it in this fabric - it's a really nice dark royal blue and has a great weight to it for a skirt. I wear a lot of blue so hopefully it will be a versatile item in my wardrobe.

A sorbetto top like I did before in this below fabric that I initially bought for pyjama pants (and now do not need anymore!)

April: The vibrant colour challenge
Something in this awesome vibrant oil cloth. I don't yet know how to sew with oil cloth so this is my aim for April.

May: The knit challenge

As I have exams in May I may skip this one, especially as I have no leftover stash wool. Maybe I will go my own way with it instead though. Stay tuned.

June: Containment!
Sewing machine cozy in this fabric:

Fabric basket in these fabrics:

As you can now see from the right side of my blog in the panel, I am also doing the No New Clothes Challenge. For 6 months I cannot buy any new clothes and have no upcycle at least one thing I already have in my wardrobe to make it wearable again. I feel like these two challenges tie in nicely with eachother! I'm looking forward to keeping up with my sewing this year!


  1. Those are some great plans! I'd love to hear more about those hand warmers. I am in serious need of some right now since the heat in our apartment is broken!

    I did the no new clothes challenge last year and it is remarkably freeing. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks! If you click the link on the hand warmers text then it will take you right to them :) I actually made a few today already but am going to make a few more and put them up a bit later!

  2. Oooh Jess you could make a lunch bag with the oilcloth!!! I LOVE that pattern btw.

    1. I have seen that and it is tempting but I'm not sure I'd actually use it!