Monday, 19 September 2011


This weekend I did a flea market with my friend Christine who has done them before. It was so nice to get rid of useless stuff that has been hanging around for too long. Even though I was mostly selling everything for 1-3chf, I made over 100chf! It was a lot of fun.
Our stall from behind: 

From the front:

Christine with her flee market purchase (the glasses, the dress is hers..):

My first purchase (6 chf). I originally bought it to do something with as it is a bit shabby but I think I like it like that now.

Saving the best until last.. I saw this bag hanging and I fell in love. The price tag was 125chf (which isn't wholly unreasonable for a real longchamp leather handbag in a flee market) but I didn't have that much money. Christine was checking it out and asked if the woman would take 50. She heard 30, and accepted! Consequently this is the new love of my life and what's better is that the lady guessed it was 30-50 years old. Vintage!!!

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