Saturday, 3 September 2011

Drawers makeover

I found this white chest of drawers in my garage a few weeks ago just after my dad let me have all his old vintage maps for my crafts...! I got the idea from an antique store in Brighton that has the most beautiful pieces of furniture covered in old maps, so instead of paying the 150 pounds to buy one, I tried to make one instead!

  My friend Christine kindly brought me back some mod podge from the US when she went last weekend which was perfect for this. I decided to use all french maps (what turned out to be all the same map) as I live in France so it's a nice theme :)

I wanted to change the handles to rope to give it a nautical feel, but then I saw the pile of corks lying in my room waiting to be used in some other craft and tried them out.. (they are all from FRENCH bottles of wine!)

I stuck some nice paper in the base of the drawers as even after giving it a good clean it was still a bit grotty - fine now though!

I'm really happy with how it turned out and it's my new craft chest of drawers.. finally no more overflowing boxes on my floor!

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