Monday, 19 September 2011

Wedding Gift

My friend Christine is getting married next weekend. Unfortunately I can't go as I am back in the UK (which sucks because I love weddings) but I wanted to be creative with her gift. I got the idea from my friend Eva who once gave another friend three gifts for her birthday, something about before moving, during moving, after moving (can't remember exactly) so I adapted that. I decided on one gift for before the wedding, one for during the wedding, and one for after the wedding.

For before the wedding:
Christine is quite stressed at the moment (obviously as she is planning a wedding) so I thought that a tissue holder would be quite handy (probably during the wedding too). I used this tutorial. Unfortunately I had to undo some of the stiches as the tissues didn't fit - not quite sure if that was my fault or if tissues in the US are smaller.


I also put a mini bottle of vodka in the package for before the wedding - to calm the nerves!

For during the wedding:
I found this awesome printable so printed it and stuck it onto card with a silver ribbon. On the back it has a checklist of things the bride may need ie, water, chocolate.. Hopefully it's helpful this weekend!

For after the wedding:
I have wanted to do this for someone for a while. I love the idea of layering the dry ingredients of cookie mix in a jar. It looks awesome and it especially good for people that don't have very much time or don't like to cook. Christine has been dieting and doing bikram yoga (in 40 degree heat) so I think she deserves this after her wedding. I had to gu/estimate the amounts as the jar in the tutorial is bigger but hopefully it turns out fine..

I think she liked them :)


  1. Jessie, she looooved it! you are so talented. pleeeease start an etsy store (:

  2. That all looks so precious! Awesome :)

  3. Awwwww Jessie so adorable, such a good idea! I second what Tucker saidX