Saturday, 31 December 2011

Laptop Bag

I initially was planning on making a laptop bag for my friend for Christmas (in the end I decided against it) so I made a prototype for myself in case I messed up. It was similar to the zippered pouches I made before but I used a much longer zip so it went around 3 sides instead of just the top. I loosely followed this tutorial. Simply cut your fabric to your laptop width/length + depth and continue as you would with a zippered pouch.

Again I used fusible fleece to pad it up for protection.

A little different to the zippered pouches - a curved edge with a longer zip. This was a bit tricky as there was a fair amount of material..

Zipper's on - now to sew it together!

Ta-da! Cosy laptop sleeve that looks much better than my boring black one..

I must admit I didn't do too well with the zipper - I did have to topstitch on the outside of the material so there wasn't a gaping hole where the end of the zipper was.. but lesson learnt!

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