Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Banana Bread

Last week our house was overrun by bananas. My housemate Sarah has a Shabbat dinner most fridays and is on the JSoc committee so can take home any leftover food - which, last week, was a ton of over ripe bananas (the least ripe one is pictured!). 

We set about making banana bread and banana muffins. Sarah used a recipe from her recipe book and made about forty muffins with chocolate chips. She doubled her recipe and added two bags of chocolate chips.

I found this recipe on BBC Food and made banana bread - in a cake tin (that's all I have!) The main difference to Sarah's recipe was the use of caster sugar instead of brown sugar. There was little difference. I added one bag of chocolate chips as the final thing before putting it in the oven and it was so delicious. Despite the amount of banana baked goodies in our house it they didn't last longer than two days. HIGHLY recommended!

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