Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cork heat mats

I love the material cork. Firstly, because it is completely free (providing you drink wine/have parents and friends who drink wine and save the corks!), and it is so versatile. I found this blog and loved the idea of cork coasters. I tried to find the circular coaster bases but could only find larger thicker heat mats, so I used them instead! I started making these in the summer but couldn't post it until now as I gave a few of them as gifts.. a recurring theme in my life!

Before I got this glue gun I used some sort of extra-strong glue and it didn't work quite as well. I do recommend a glue gun. 

Stick them on as close as you can and hold each down so they are properly stuck.

With a scalpel cut off the excess cork.

Sand around the sides until it is smooth.

I love it (if I do say so myself)!

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  1. And we love it! Thanks so much Jessie, and for the vanilla extract, it looks so pretty x