Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Phone sleeves

As soon as I got my hands on a sewing machine last week I set to work for Christmas. When the holidays started I went into town and bought some nice fabric.

I can't show a lot of the things I made quite yet as most of them are being given at or after Christmas.. but I made some phone sleeves and gave them as early Christmas presents.

It was really simple! I used the same concept as the zippered pouches (again) but instead of the first step of sewing the outside fabric and lining to the zip, I just sewed them together.

First however I did iron some fusible fleece onto the outside fabric so it was protective. I've only just started using fusible fleece and already am hooked.. I don't think it's very common in the UK as I couldn't find it in any fabric stores so had to order it. It was quite expensive which is a bit of a pain.. and I've nearly run out already! After that it was simple sewing the outside fabric together then the lining and turning them the right way. 

I did have to measure the fabric against the phone I was making it for, but simple stuff! I do need to attempt some more challenging projects soon I think. I did do a top stitch over the seam between the lining and the outside material in a zig-zag stitch which I thought added that little something extra.

Also I got to use my nan's awesome singer sewing machine - passed down to her by my grandpa's mum!

Here are the finished cases - an iphone one for my sister and a blackberry one for a friend.

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