Thursday, 12 January 2012

Devilled Chicken Wings

It was my housemate Sarah's birthday earlier this week and I made dinner. I found the recipe in the magazine 'delicious'. Both my mum and Nan are subscribers and I read it religiously.. highly recommended! I made this recipe once before last year and it turned out pretty great so I decided to do it again. It worked very well - one of the comments was "this is the best chicken I've had in a looong time" and a few others were similar. This is a gooood recipe. Worth trying out.

Devilled Chicken Wings
Serves 4-6
1kg chicken wings (I also used drumsticks)
2 garlic cloves
60ml extra-virgin olive oil (I used regular)
2 tbsp Dijon mustard
45g soft brown sugar
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar (I doubled this)
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp sweet paprika

Put all the ingredients together in a large bowl or large sandwich bag and mix well. Marinade preferably overnight or for a few hours at least (I marinaded mine over over 24 hours!) This pic is after it marinading over night - the mixture turned a bit lighter in colour.

Place in a baking tray, best over baking parchment/paper, with no overlaps. 

Cook for 30 minutes in a 180 degree oven then turn and cook for another 20 minutes. I turned mine again and cooked for another 10 minutes to crispen up - see how it goes. My oven turned off in the middle of cooking so that might have been why it needed extra time. I was too much in a hurry to get the chicken on the table to seven hungry people that I didn't take a photo of all the wings.. but here is my plate!

I did the chicken with corn bread muffins and broccoli, two of Sarah's favourite sides. I also love corn bread and it makes me very sad that you can't buy it in the UK! I always ask friends in the US to bring me some back. And now I'm all out. So if you're reading this.. friends.. :)

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  1. Allison Stanbrook20 January 2012 at 15:14

    Sounds and looks yummy, def. try this one! Thanks :)