Monday, 30 January 2012

Canon 550D

Last year I worked all summer and with my earnings in the Autumn bought a Canon 50D with an awesome zoom lens. I LOVED IT. I mostly used it for Ultimate frisbee tournaments (awesome sport close-ups) until I took it away for the first time to Prague in February and was very pleased with the pictures of the family weekend trip and the beautiful European city. On the way back I made the monumental mistake of putting it in my checked bag and my suitcase arrived at London Gatwick minus one camera. After ten months of constantly emailing, threatening and bombarding the airline at fault I recieved the best thing in the mail I have ever recieved: a large check for total compensation of my beloved camera, only 5 months old. I have just bought a new camera, after reseach, the Canon 550D which I am very excited about! I have downloaded numerous "how to use slr cameras" manuals so I can get the very most out of it. Until I take some awesome pictures and put them up, here is a little rememberance of my old camera. This is my favourite picture out of all I took with my old camera. It has been published in the Lonely Planet magazine and is for sale in my Etsy store (of all of two items - watch this space!) is you want it for your very own.  

I am looking forward to taking some proud-worthy pictures with my new Canon 550D. It also means my blog photos can be better, yay!

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