Thursday, 16 February 2012

Crossin Rolls

My secret santa at Christmas turned out to be my friend Eva, who lives in Rhode Island and I don't get to see very often :( (much like many of my other friends who live in the US). She clearly knows me and I got a  beautiful handmade sewing box, with some goodies inside like bobbins, tape measure and a seam ripper. As well as this she made me a whole batch of Crossin Rolls. These delicious pastry treats and Eva and I go way back to eleventh grade, when our English teacher brought them in for us; Ms Crossin! We were instantly hooked and got the recipe immeadiately, and made them numerous times throughout the next couple of years. I had shockingly forgotten about them and so Eva's present, wrapped up beautifully as seen below, was a blast from the past as well as EXTREMELY DELICIOUS.

I emailed Ms Crossin asking if I could share her recipe and she has kindly agreed! It is such a simple recipe but has great results.

Crossin Rolls
Puff pastry - I use store bought and it's great.
Grated cheese (gruyere works well)

It is such a simple recipe but has great results. 

- Take a sheet of pre-rolled puff pastry, and roll it out a little more. Brush the pastry with mustard, then with mayonnaise, covering the whole pastry, apart from a small strip on the shorter end (about 1cm wide).
- Lay slices of ham, covering the whole of the pastry, aside from the small strip on the shorter end. Sprinkle grated cheese over the top.
- Beginning from the opposite end to the strip you left clear, roll the pastry into a log. When you reach the end, smooth the small clear strip into the pastry under it to hold the log together. Place this join face down on the table and slice the log into rounds (approx. 2cm thick).
- Cook on trays in the oven at 180 degress for 10 mins, or until pastry is cooked.


  1. AAAH! So glad you put these on here! I had totally forgetten about them as well!

  2. LOL I am glad you remember them - I still make them, but don't often take them into school these days!