Wednesday, 30 January 2013

DIY: Pom Pom!

I knitted this hat a few years ago when I first learnt to knit and haven't really worn it at all because I thought it was a bit boring. I really like the colour and lost my other hat so decided to put a pom pom on so that I would wear it more!

I do want to do more knitting but I'm not very fast and so get bored easily. Hats are good for me as they are quick but it's been so long I have more or less forgotten how to use my circular needles!

The pom pom took less than 5 minutes and I think really transformed the hat. I've seen plenty of tutorials on pinterest on how to make a pom pom so I just did it by memory.

Wrap the yarn around your fingers at least 50 times.

Take it off your fingers and tie a long piece of yarn around the middle of the loops. Cut the middle of all the loops when the middle is firmly tied.

 Using a large eye needle simply sew into the top of the hat, as many times until it is firmly attached. Then cut the long threads and trim the pom pom ends until you are happy!

I will be wearing the hat more now! Especially when I get back to the UK and it's COLD!


  1. JESS!!! Firstly, that hat was gorgeous to start with BUT! It looks so awesome with the Pom Pom on it! And it looks stunning with your hair :) xx

    1. Thanks Bails! I think this was actually before I dyed my hair :)

  2. Cute, Hging! I have never made a pom pom, but I think that it looks mega cute on your hat. I need to try it!!!