Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dylan's birthday - pencil case

The two people pictured in my first ever post are two of my favourite people in the world. I met them when I was in New Zealand for 6 months during my gap year last year. I stayed with Donna-Maree's sister when I was working in Wellington and we met and became close, while Dylan is the cutest and most polite kid you'll ever meet. He was 2 and a half when I met him and it has just been his fourth birthday! I can't believe it!

I started making his birthday gift in the summer as I had plenty of time then and I knew I wouldn't later on in the term to really think about something good. Dylan is at preschool at the moment but soon he will go to proper school.. and he will need a pencil case! (I decided). I got some great cars/trucks fabric in my heydey shop order so I made him a pencil case, using the same technique I used for the zippered pouches.

I put some pencils I bought with Dylan's name on them in the pencil case and managed to find loads of cool Cars (Disney) stationary! I also put in some cars stickers and cars tattoos (he really likes cars!) and included some sweets, of course!

This was his homemade card. Still can't figure out how to turn my pictures! Or at least I know how to do it but not why they still come up the wrong way here!

Here's the birthday boy opening up his gift!

I got an adorable thank you video from him sent to me today. He was very happy with his pressies :)


  1. Nice job on the pencil case Jess, and a gorgeous pressie for a little boy!