Saturday, 16 June 2012

Jubilee Shirt

I realise this is a little late but I did start on this shirt on the Jubilee weekend - better late than never! I used Simplicity Pattern 2599 (C). 

It was much harder than anticipated and I have since decided I think I prefer creating from online tutorials than patterns, although I will try again. The Jubilee theme is obviously reflected in the colour scheme. Initally this was going to be a mock up before I made a shirt with my good fabric but I do quite like the colour scheme and the way it turned out so will probably wear it after all. I did of course make a few mistakes, mainly due to my haste to get it finished, the biggest of which is that the flounces are not very straight and a little off centre. You can't tell so much but it has to be quite strictly ironed for them to stay in place as a consequence so I may stitch them down. Other than that, (apart from the various "help me" emails and skype chats with Wendy - thank you!), I managed fine. I did have to undo a few things and redo them but nothing major. I did shortcut a step in that instead of hemming the flounces, something incredibly difficult on a curve, I just left it as the material wasn't particularly fray-ey and it was only really a mock up. It worked fine as you can see below.

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  1. Beautiful, Jessie! If you're worried about the flounces fraying more than that, there's some stuff you can buy for that: Fray Stay. :)