Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My first post

This blog has been a long time coming. Initially inspired by my hugely talented and creative blogger friend baileyb (whose blog is solely about knitting/sewing etc but whom has expertise in many other areas). She hasn’t posted in a while but she is doing well at school so I suppose that is a legitimate reason..

I have enjoyed making things for some few years now. This year in particular I have been searching through countless blogs getting so many inspirations I wish I could just make things all day. I have many passions, some of which include cooking, photography, crafts and travel. I am also an avid ultimate Frisbee player for the Sussex University Mohawks so this will be a bit of a mis-match of craft, food and pretty things!

This blog is not a cooking blog, nor a knitting, nor a photography, nor a craft blog. It encompasses all of these things plus much more. Many of my “makes” will come from others blogs or ideas from friends, and many will be made for gifts or to be sold. Just watch this space.

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